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Recommendations on Cyber Security to Contractors Dealing With the Government

The government has developed a few cybersecurity requirements to safeguard the security of the federal information that is found in the contractor’s information system. These requirements define the kind of protection and the people to safeguard the information.

The policy is meant to address the role of contractors in cybersecurity.

Policies ensure that people can comply with the laws. The policies on cybersecurity has had different components.

The requirements are meant to guide the organization on the appropriate users who can access the information. The information pertaining the contract should be limited to only a few people in the organization. Thus one cannot access it if not authorized to do so.

The organization should explore various cyber threats. Everyone should be taken through on what they should do to prevent the cyber-attacks.

The system should be able to produce reports on various issues to help in tracking the system security. The system report is crucial in monitoring the system. A report is generated any time people to do mischievous activities in the system. The security feature helps to arrest the people who try to interfere with the system.

It also helps to ensure that the system inventory is well configured.

The requirements also recommends that the identity of the users should be verified before being allowed entry. This is very critical as it effectively makes it very hard for unauthorized users to gain entry.

No incidence should be allowed to happen without proper reporting.

Maintain a periodic maintenance of the system to enhance its effectiveness. There should be adequate staff to conduct the maintenance of the system. There should be effective controls on people who maintain the system. Digital and paper information should be well secured.

The physical information systems tools should be limited to a few people.

The system should have different features that screen the person trying to access the system.

The should be a proper mechanism to evaluate different cyber-attacks and design ways which can be used to handle them.

The security controls should be tested after a certain period. This is crucial in knowing whether to continue with them or change. Implementation plans should be made to ensure that mistakes are corrected.

The system communication should be well safeguarded. Measures should be taken to guarantee the safety of the information.

The system integrity should be guaranteed. There should be a real-time report generated. There should be no delay in correcting system errors. Protection against hackers is done by installing appropriate firewalls.

Every recommendation has a checklist of what the contractors will use to ensure that the system is secure.

Smaller businesses should have alternatives controls which ensure there is compliance without great strain to their resources.

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